Product Request - STAMPED Applications Form

Got a tough hose application, and you're tired of getting the run around?
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Application Requirements for the STAMPED Form

The following information will help you determine the correct hose, coupling and attachment method that will best meet your needs.

This form uses the STAMPED process. STAMPED is an acronym that stands for the 7 major information areas that are required to provide you with a quality hose assembly. It is as follows:

S stands for SIZE; Inside Diameter (I.D.), Outside Diameter (O.D.) and length of the hose needed.
T stands for TEMPERATURE of the material being conveyed and environmental and the ambient temperature of the environment where the hose will be used. Designate in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Note any extreme intermittent temperature variations.
A stands for the APPLICATION; the conditions of use
M stands for the MATERIAL being conveyed; type and concentration
P stands for the PRESSURE to which the assembly will be exposed
E stands for ENDS; style, type, orientation, attachment methods, etc.
D stands for DELIVERY; testing, quality, packaging, and delivery requirements